Welcome to the website dedicated to the moto' precision mecanics.
You'll find in our pages a profile of our activity, our products and services.
Alex Competitions 21 society is about the preparation, the assemblage and the maintenance of your motos and quads.

From the maintenance review to the advanced preparation, Alex will be your principal interlocutor for all your works.
Our competences, validated by a lot of years of competitions (with many success).
Use the skills and pieces of advice from a motoriste and give your trust to a recognized professionnal, who knows how to bring to the victory the bigger French pilotes and also to take care to a particular customer.

Don't hesitate to request us a quote ou ask us any information you need.
We are free fro you to respond to your needs and we'll know to suggest the necessary mecanic work, adapted to your budget, we'll know to advice you the mecanic piece you need or also to elaborate, from useful accessories, your dreaming whet tool.

I wish you a good visit in our website,

Best regards,

Alex Reguero


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